Moving heavy loads

Moving heavy loads is as complicated and specific as moving machines. Although they may not be technically functional machines, it can be only their parts or large containers, components, etc., but it is still a very demanding work. E.g. carrying aircraft wings is a very complex matter that requires great precision and calculations, as well as moving machines. So how do we proceed?

If loads are connected to any sources or energy, they must be safely disconnected first. Likewise, if they contain any liquids or oils, they must first be drained and emptied to minimize the load. In addition to reducing their weight, this also avoids possible spillage of liquid from one side to the other during handling and transport, thus preventing a possible accident.

Stěhování těžkého břemene

Large loads need to be well measured and plans for their anchoring, balancing and placement in the collection tubs are needed too. Only properly secured cargo can be transported. This is not only about the safety of the loads itself, but also about the safety of all workers and people that we meet during the transportation.

In case of transport of machines we also provide revision and load tests, perform inspections and issue necessary documents and reports. This is sometimes not necessary for the transport of loads, but sometimes it is. So if you need to transport cargo that can not be without revision and paperwork, do not look for anyone else. Machinery Movers can do everything to your satisfaction and comfort.

Do you have more large and heavy loads to transport? Or do you even need to move your entire business? Machinery Movers s.r.o. is able to move entire companies and large enterprises, so-called “turnkey”. We can deal with moving heavy loads, machines, indoor cranes and equipment. Call us and we will come to inspect your business. We will think through everything, measure it and present you with plans and financial suggestions on how it can be done.