Moving equipment

The relocation of companies and large enterprises is also related to the relocation of equipment. Few companies today can do without assembly and production lines. This is one of the most challenging issues when moving a business. You need to proceed step by step and very carefully.

How does such relocation looks like?

First and foremost, it is necessary to inspect and document all the equipment. Think through the entire moving process and provide packaging and fixing materials. We take care of all that, of course. This is followed by ant work, which includes backing up programs, disconnecting from utility lines, dismantling lines and disassembling them into parts that are easier to transport.

After that, the individual parts are moved out of the building and after anchoring and securing they are transported to the designated destination. This is followed by moving to new premises and reassembling production lines according to predetermined plans. The lines must then be anchored to the floor and carefully balanced. This is followed by reconnection to power supplies.

After these steps, a test run is still needed to see if everything is working as intended. If it is necessary to carry out revision inspections and tests and issue inspection reports before starting the operation, we will provide this within our service. It is enough to agree in advance.